Welcome to the PhotoNote Application. The PhotoNote application is a mobile application that can be used with various Android mobile devices, such as a mobile phone and a tab.

PhotoNote uses Evernote in a very straightforward and uncomplicated way to store so called photo-notes in the cloud. A photo-note represents a unified whole consisted of a combination of text and image. The image (photo) could be either taken by the mobile devices’ camera or uploaded directly from the mobile device. Once the photo is uploaded in the PhotoNote application, the photo could be easily adjusted and stylized using various filters and frames.

Several photo-notes could be grouped into so called notebooks. PhotoNote users are able to add, delete or edit notebooks, when they are connected with their Evernote accounts. Additionally, PhotoNote users are able to share their notebooks with other Evernote users. You can use the PhotoNote Application to: • View and navigate notes and photo albums. • Collect new notes using a mobile device – a mobile phone or a tab. • Organize notes into notebooks. • Update existing notes’ attributes.

An important advantage of using the PhotoNote Application is the ability to receive and send data updates from a central Evernote account. Each photo-note has a tag »PhotoNote«. On the basis of this tag, the synchronization between Evernote and PhotoNote is performed. This ability to synchronize information enables everyone to have a common, dynamic view of the latest notes.

For more information check online user document at: https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B6aj4a7aEcORMWVCX0s2X2VCanc

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