During the summer, Michael went on a trip to Europe with a few friends. He visited beautiful cities and landscapes and naturally everybody on the trip took lots of photos. The problem was, it was tedious and difficult the share the photos. There were lots of platforms that allow shared albums, but none of them were fast and seamless. Ultimately, Michael never got to see his friend's photos. Michael's struggle inspired us to build Photon -- automatic photo sharing among friends.

What it does

Photon automatically takes photos from your camera roll and intelligently shares it with relevant friends. We use geotagging, time, and contacts to figure out the right friends to share photos with. Only direct friends with contacts will be able to view photos.

By using photo metadata, Photon only uploads photos that are necessary for sharing, making the application quick and efficient. The goal is for Photon to be out of the way, automatically syncing photos taken during group trips without any user action. Photon works with any photo app, as long as photos are in the Photo Album, Photon will work in the background to figure out if it needs to be shared.

How we built it

Photon iOS was built with Objective-C and Swift. The backend was built with Flask.

What's next for Photon

Support for other platforms, better artificial intelligence.

Built With

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