Photographers can use robot assistance to take pictures and we built LEGO robot to do that.

What it does

Android app controlled LEGO rover that moves around and takes pictures using Canon camera which has an extra security Yubikey layer and TIBCO data integration for robot lifespan.

How we built it

The entire project was built completely on site at the hackathon, including the LEGO rover. We connected the Android app to control the Canon camera and EV3 LEGO bot, which has 4 Yubico security connections and TIBCO integration to track the lifespan of the bot such as false key entry, battery and maintenance.

Challenges we ran into

Connecting all of the components together to make a working project was a challenge. It took some time to debug all of the connections.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We didn't know Yubico could connect and work with the LEGO bot at first but we found that it was possible.

What we learned

LEGO bots can take good LinkedIn pictures.

What's next for Photographer Bot

Teaming up with events to bring Photographer Bot to real events and mass production!

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