is a new decentralized autonomous platform for teleporting real objects in reality into the metaverse - that anyone can edit.

Our complete end to end platform allows for upload straight from any smartphone to efficiently and robustly populate our repository.

A convenient iOS/Android mobile app enables anyone to capture objects from any phone that can take photos, and store them on our open repository schema on IPFS

We store both the 3D models and the array of photos that are used to generate the resulting 3D mesh. (In addition, we also store additional metadata, such as attitude and gravity from the on-device gyroscope and accelerometer.)

Each model is indexed on by a unique cid from this schema json. This is updated in our "wiki" listing.

Photogrammetry data is typically timestamped. Inspired by this tradition, we utilize a intrinsically useful and globally unique session ledger id (Linux epoch time underscore UUID) as our internal primary key to associate with changing cid's, as the schema json is updated when...

For example, additional photos are submitted or new generated meshes are contributed.

This lets us keep track of the history of edits, as one would expect from the web2 incarnation of a wiki. However, we are now fully decentralized and the content is primarily digitized reality, that algorithm stitches together. We believe that this will also be useful for AI researchers to train future image to 3D GANS.

We see this as our version of a 3D for the real world as we know it... Using the blockchain to create an anti-link-rot system, we hope that this might one day survive the true test of millennia. Imagine someone 2000 years in the future, discovering what our world is like in holographic form from these 3D models we have captured.


  • learned IPFS and in a day!
  • ran into rate limits for so tried throttling to 1.1s between uploads - rate limits still problematic
  • will use .car format in the future

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