• We all love to go with the camera and capture moments of our lifes and share them with our friends. So, why not about something which can make a "physical" memory of great times with them?

What it does

  • PhotoGift allows you to create a photograph collage of yourself and another facebook friend. The app selects randomly the pics where you were tagged.

How we built it

  • At first we tried to do the backend with Python and Flask but we give on it because of the graphic limitations in what we want to do. Then we decide to use NodeJS and PugJS because javascript offers more variety of implementations. We hosted our backend in an Amazon Web Service server and through the android app we make all the http requests to our functions.

Challenges & learned things:

  • For the most of us was the first time developing backend with programming languages like Python, Flask, NodeJS, Mongodb.
  • Learning to use successfully the Facebook API.
  • Learning and developing web sockets for the first time.
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