The inspiration for this web application came from my dad. As a photographer he would always enjoy going out and taking pictures— of family, friends, and of nature. However, there have been times where he would have nobody to travel with or go take pictures with. It was hard for him to connect with his family when many of us were lazy and not very interested in photography, and going to take pictures alone isn't very fun. So after spending many months looking for a free, efficient way to connect with other photographers, he came to me. He explained that it was very difficult to find others to come and meet up. Photo events are also not free— people hire models and make events for photographers to shoot the models by paying a fee. He also explained that it was very tedious trying to find niche and unique spots and that searching on the web would just lead him to the same results. Locals and other photographers, however, would have lots of knowledge when it comes to finding new spots to take pictures. Hearing these problems from my dad made me realize that there are many photographers around the world that also feel the same way and having an app like Photogether would really help them out.

What it does

Photogether is a web app that allows photographers to post places that they like to go take pictures, make events for other people to go shoot with them— either through ride-share or meetup— and connect and build friendships with other like-minded people. It was built with a long-term goal in mind to provide suggestions, ratings, and filters for distance and time relevancy.

How we built it

Photogether was built with Javascript, HTML, and CSS through Microsoft Live Share. We used Google Firebase as a large part of our app— using its storage and databases as well as hosting the web app on its servers.

Challenges we ran into

Since this was our first time attempting to create a web app using Firebase, it was a rough transition from all of our previous experiences in Python. We ran into many bugs that we've never seen before and had to work efficiently to get through it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud in the fact that almost none of our team had previous experience coding in Javascript, HTML, or CSS. Even so, we were able to create a web app that we think can be even more impactful and strong given future attention and care. We are also proud of how we were able to pick up Firebase and work with it, only having heard about it on the first day.

What we learned

We all learned LOTS of Javascript, HTML, and CSS since we were basically forced to with an idea like this. We also gained some knowledge when researching for helpful APIs. Firebase, even though it was one of our greatest difficulties, was very helpful to learn about and I can see myself using it a lot in the future.

What's next for Photogether

We have lots of ideas that we still want to improve and implement for the app. A more extensive search feature and suggestions based on what others similar to you liked are just a few of the things we want to add on. We hope to see Photogether become what we believed it would be before we had even started working on it.

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