I went to the Raspberry Pi workshop on Friday and learned basic commands for the picamera. Before Friday I had never coded in Python before. I decided that this weekend I would teach myself Python and write a Python program on a Raspberry Pi computer. I came up with the idea for PhotoFun while messing around with the Picamera on Friday.

What it does

PhotoFun includes a GUI window and a camera preview window. When you run the program you specify whether you want to take a picture or video. If you select photo you specify the number of photos you would like to take and if it is a video you specify how long you want the video to be. You can also specify whether or not you would like an effect on your photo. This portion of the program is a window that has buttons corresponding to the specifications. Then you click the capture button on the window and the prompt window closes and the camera preview window opens. According to your specifications the picamera captures the photos or video that you wanted. The photos and videos are saved in the computer's Pictures folder.

How I built it

First, I taught myself basic Python syntax. Then I researched the Python GUI module, tkinter. I set up my Raspberry Pi computer and camera. I created buttons and labels for a window that opens when you run the program that allow the user to modify their picture or video capturing experience. Depending on what buttons were pressed in the initial window the Raspberry Pi camera captures pictures or a video with your specifications. I specified the path where the pictures or video should be saved on the computer. None of the files created while the program runs are overridden because each file has a slightly different name.

Challenges I ran into

I have never used Python before so that is where most of my challenges came from, but after looking at documentation and asking for help from my peers I was able to write a program that compiles and does what I want.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I taught myself Python this weekend and with my new found knowledge created something that's visual and functional!

What I learned

I learned Python, the capabilities of a Raspberry Pi, and how to combine my software knowledge with my limited hardware knowledge.

What's next for PhotoFun

I wanted to connect an LED light to my Raspberry Pi breadboard to allow flash photography in my program. I would create a button in my initial window that turns on the LED light if the user specifies that they want to use flash. I also want to make my GUI more aesthetically pleasing. I also wanted to create a function that accesses a list of effects to randomize the effect used in a photo or video. I didn't have enough time this weekend to add these features unfortunately.

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