I spent quite a time browsing through photos of cities and attractions on Google Maps because I love geography and traveling. When I saw the TripAdvisor API, it reminded me how I made travel plan for last Spring break. I had multiple places in mind and it was really hard to compare them by going back and forth between websites. So why not see the photos of multiple locations at a same time really easily?

How it works

Users click on the locations on the map using the Google API. The clicks are marked and saved. Once user clicks left mouse button, the location information is sent to the server and the server transforms it into unique location id using the TripAdvisor API. Then the server makes another call to TripAdvisor to retrieve the information and photos of attractions around the location and displays it back to the users. All the photos of multiple places will be displayed at a same time on the screen.

Challenges I ran into

Handling the edge cases when the given latitude and longitude does not belong to any areas covered by TripAdvisor API. Unfamiliarity with Google API and TripAdvisor API.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It is the first independent app I have ever built.

What I learned

Tripadvisor and Google APIs. Jade layout, asynchronous javascript programming

What's next for photoAdvisor

Cool data visualization, AI processing using more TripAdvisor data (reviews, popularity, comments etc.)

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