PhotoTalks - Let your smart phone read for you, category: “Solutions for People with Sensory Disabilities”

This App idea is inspired by watching Gus Chalkias’s video in Connect Ability Challenge web site, Gus said people with vision disability need to “access any.thing and everything I want and right there in my finger tips”. This make me to think about developing a App that can extract text from phone camera and read it out for visually impaired people.

The app is design to help vision impaired person to read small prints or labels, it can also help them to read books/magazines. Simply tap the screen to take a photo, it will extract text from the photo and read it out with the voice you selected.

Main Features:

  • One tap to take snapshot and read.
  • Support multiple language.
  • Save the extracted text or bookmark them as favorites.
  • Share the extracted text with friends.

Built With

  • text-to-speech
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