What it does

Photerpret uses Microsoft Azure and IBM Watson to scan through folders of product images, parsing for important text, such as nutrition info, ingredients, and more!

How we built it

We used Microsoft Azure's Computer Vision API to identify text and then customized the text interpretation based on image type. IBM Watson was used for secondary analysis of picture details.

Challenges we ran into

Choosing what API to use for text recognition and analysis was difficult. The output from Azure was formatted in highly nested lists and dictionaries, making it extremely tough to gather the appropriate data. Figuring out how to pass images using JSON was a challenge as well.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The algorithms used to manipulate the output into meaningful data structures. Being able to present a complete product after two days of development.

What we learned

Deciding which API to use for image analysis should've been done carefully. Caffeine is amazing.

What's next for Photerpret

Web API integration

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