picture of people using flashlights to form a pattern

What it does

The app allows the crowd to connect their phones to a central server. It will then receive instructions on its role in the mosaic based on the row number. Close up, it may just seem like it is showing a random colour; but far away, that phone acts as a pixel in the bigger picture.

How I built it

Used java and python and IBM bluemix to process and host the mosiac files in which the phones will retrieve.

Challenges I ran into

programming android app to receive command from the server.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Although there were many struggles in accomplishing our goal, we managed to successfully establish connection between our server and nodes. In fact, we were extremely content with our proof of concept.

What I learned

We learned that 24 hours to make a hack is not an easy task

What's next for phony mosaic

We would like to send parts of images in the future and hopefully even stream videos in the future.

Built With

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