Just Keep Learning, Virtual Woodchucks

Virtual Woodchucks is a website designed for helping my Mom, Irene, teach her students online. Irene teaches students with learning-disabilities. Her students are spread out between the grades of two through six. A typical week for Irene involves video chatting with each of her students individually, two times per week, for about half an hour each. Each of Irene's students vary in their skills; it is important for the Virtual Woodchucks website to reflect that.


Students with learning disabilites can be easily distracted. Thus, any student interface must minimize distraction and focus on content. Using large fonts and a clean background will be best for maximizing a student's ability to focus.

Deployed Website

Our website can be found at https://msirene.appspot.com


We are using VueJS to develop our web application. To deploy our project to Google Cloud Platform, we are using Buddy.

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