In third world countries, people are gaining more access to smart phones and the internet. Unfortunately, many of these people don't have access to the financial infrastructure that would allow them to buy from outside the country and on the internet. Our app leverages the current value of phone minutes in these areas to provide a conversion platform allowing users to access the global market.

What it does

As simple as a text, send your airtime to your digital bank account. Giving you access to real value airtime to monetary exchange to

Using Twilio, we can interact with users via SMS where they can upload phone minutes to be converted into USD. Through our phonex app built in Node and React, users can turn dollars into virtual cards in the same way that Stripe or Venmo do; however, we are providing this service to a market that otherwise would have never had the ability given insufficient financial infrastructure.

How I built it

Three core platforms:

  • MobileCore: Handles monitoring & displaying transaction history along with details regarding your digital bank account.

  • AppCore: Business logic and messaging handler for sms along with bridge with Marketa which allows user accounts to be created with face cards/virtual cards.

  • TeleCore: Converts airtime into currency, with respects to the exchange market/rate and minutes for telecom companies.


Leveraging tech to help 3rd world countries participate in the online market.

We're happy you're with us


What's next for phonex

If we were to recieve some sort of funding, we would love to actually implement in say, Haiti...

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