Inspiration: When I was learning Russian, I loved how (almost) every sound corresponded to one letter only. Growing up in a home with two parents who immigrated from Poland, I am well aware of the difficulties non-native speakers of English have with spelling.

What it does: It is a Google Chrome extension which replaces English words with simplified spelling, using a new alphabet where each letter corresponds to one sound. As the man who standardized the Serbian alphabet, Vuk Karadzic, said: "Write as you speak, read as it is written."

How I built it: I used Notepad++ to write the .json and .js files, and used online documentation provided by Google to learn basic Javascript.

Challenges I ran into: I originally planned to read IPA standard English from an online API, meaning all words would be "translated", but I found out the API was private and required special authorization. So, in the last few hours, I rewrote my code from the ground up to use a local dictionary, which is far less comprehensive.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of: I have never used Javascript before, and I have never even seen a JSON file. I also really like the custom icon I made for the extension.

What I learned: I now know how to use Javascript to a certain extent, and understand the use of JSON files.

What's next for Phonetic English: I will likely continue working on this project, although likely just expanding the dictionary and fixing certain spellings to align better with pronunciation from my local area.

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