Emails, text messages, documents – what do all of these have in common? They are digital, indexable, and instantly searchable. But there is one form of business communication that is simply a black hole of analog information. I’m talking, of course, about phone calls!

Just think of the tremendous amount of information that is exchanged on a mere 10-minute voice call. How much of that is captured in the notes jotted down by either party (if they took notes at all)? 5%? Less? How many of us simply could not live without the ability to search our emails in a full-text fashion instantly through Gmail or other providers? Imagine the productivity boost you would get from enjoying the same convenience with your phone calls!

PhoneTap is a mobile app and backend platform that records and automatically transcribes all the calls you make to and from your Salesforce Leads and Contacts. It attaches both the raw audio and the text transcription to the record of the Lead or Contact via a custom Salesforce object. It is not a VOIP solution that requires you to overhaul your own or your company’s telephone systems. It works with your existing cell phone for both incoming and outgoing phone calls.

PhoneTap is also fully integrated with Salesforce1, allowing you to initiate PhoneTap recorded calls from the Lead or Contact view within S1, as well as view the full details (including playing the audio and reading/searching the transcription) of each PhoneTap call in a tab.

The transcription is achieved in two stages: First, an algorithmic API transcribes the call in nearly real-time, and then later, human beings re-transcribe the call for superior accuracy and the transcription text within the Salesforce object is updated behind the scenes for you. Finally, push notifications inform you when a transcription is ready to be viewed and invite you to do right inside PhoneTap.

PhoneTap: bringing voice calls out of the stone age and into the digital age!

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