Over the last couple of months our team has begun utilizing a power dialing tool internally for our sales team. This has helped autonomously boost productivity when it comes to lead and prospect outreach. Due to the overwhelming success we had found while utilizing such a program made us ask "Why is no one providing a tool within the platform?". Without much hesitation our integrations team got right to work and developed an app that solved just that.

After weeks of market research at CarbonWeb ( we partnered with one of the best power dialing programs on the market, PhoneBurner ( Having this partnership has allowed us to integrate all the amazing power dialing capabilities right into

What it does

The application itself contains a plethora of features including a template, board view and several integrations.

Workspace Templates

Dialing Session Template

Allows user to have a fully automated power dialing experience within a native board.

Sales Process funnel

To be used in sync with the Dialing Session Template this basic sales funnel should give a full sales experience.

Board View

Dialing Session View

This view allows user’s to begin a dialing session within a classic expiernece. The users begin a dialing session within PhoneBurner based on a group selection.


Call Status Tracking

Call status tracking includes two integrations that allow us to change a status within based on if the call was answered or not answered.

Disposition Tracking

Disposition tracking also includes two integrations that will allow us to either write an update or change a status based on a specific PhoneBurner disposition hit within a dialing session.

Database Sync

The Database Sync allows users to sync contacts from PhoneBurner to and also update them when they change inside a user’s board.

Last Called Date

Last call date is a singular integration that allows the last called date to come into in order to track when a contact was last dialed.

In addition to the above, we have already had many more feature requests that we will continue to work toward in our developer build as the production build proceeds down its user acceptance testing phase!

How we built it

We have spent over a year now working within the PhoneBurner platform and understanding users needs not to mention that our own team has been using for nearly four years now. So when it came to the features needed we were ready to get coding.

We were able to build these out using Graphql , rest, php and some other tricks in our hat that allows us to have a streamlined and automated power dialing session for the users. To us the most important part was the users not having to feel like they were a coder meaning that it had to be a drag and drop situation with a one time auth. This is when we ran into some challenges we had to overcome connecting into the PhoneBurner platform itself.

Challenges we ran into

Like we stated before we want the app to be as streamlined as possible and for this to take place we would need to have a simple way to authorize to PhoneBurner one time without a continual expiration period. We worked on a cron job system that would allow us to automatically re-auth after the expiration date and do all of this before the user ever even notices.

Besides development challenges, the hardest challenges were the outward facing client process. Because of our main goal of a streamlined process we had to work extra diligently on not only the sales team, but also the onboarding team and support team. We had to expand our resources and knowledge base to support such a large flow of users.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Something that we are incredibly proud of is being able to fulfil the needs of an official app launch. We were able to not only research and develop out the app but also fully sell, onboard and support the app we have built. The app itself is a game changer in the way of turning into a CRM as it adds one more level of CRM functionality. I feel that we are continuing to grow the platform and its goal of ideal users by launching such a powerful dialer.

What's next for the PhoneBurner app and our team

On the agenda is to continue and develop out the platform with our other application ideas along with supporting the PhoneBurner app. We plan to soon launch the v1.1 which will have several updated features that have been requested from the initial stages of our Alpha testing. We are also beginning our Beta testing phase in May this year. If you are interested in joining the Beta please signup below!

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