Andrew has problems getting off reddit at night and actually doing what he needs in the morning, this hack solves both those by locking it away from him.

What it does

It is an alarm clock that also charges and keeps your phone away from you. it is designed to allow you 8 hours of phone free sleep at night.

How we built it

for our prototype we bough a cigar box and mounted an Arduino board to it. we then built a latching mechanism inside the box and hooked it up to some switches and a screen. you can set how long you want the phone locked away for using the controls and then used wifi clock in the cloud and can have accurate time.

Challenges we ran into

finding the proper form factor, getting around the wifi at School, and working with the ESP8266 chip, which is a great chip, but had some compatibility issues.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting a workable product out.

What we learned

that Hackathons can be pretty fun time

What's next for Phonebox

Kickstarter, also the prototype is going to be used by Andrew for personal use.

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