Identity theft is becoming increasingly common as tech advances every year. Hackers are capable of infiltrating corporate databases, incorporating skimmers to fit naturally on ATMs, and can even swipe your card data without ever seeing it. With all the impending disaster looming over people, wouldn't it put them at ease knowing there's an app that has their backs?

What it does

By using GPS coordinates that are readily available to users via their smartphone, we map their purchase GPS location with their device GPS location to validate that they did, in fact, perform the purchase. Because device GPS is not perfect, we run a simple algorithm to determine how likely a purchase is actually fraudulent.

How we built it

Challenges we ran into

Implementing various parts of the APIs we weren't particularly familiar with like Nessie and Esri. Another major challenge was time, there were only two of us and the idea that we came up with required lots of preparation such as data creation before we could start to work with it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

-- Finishing! -- Developing an idea we enjoyed creating -- Learning about how to work with the various APIs

What we learned

We learned a lot of about the various APIs used. Our project was really the implementation and seamless integration of several APIs that don't necessarily collaborate well. We learned more about geolocation from the based data collection standpoint and the mapping standpoint. We also learned how to work with various qualities of location data.

What's next for phone-E funds

At the stage it is at, it is a proof of concept. The future of phone-E funds is developing the web app that we have created into android and iOS apps that serve as clients for GPS data as well as portals to user data. The web app then becomes just a portal for user data. Ideally that would mean the implementation of an extensive back end. An upgrade of the UI is also warranted in order to display far more data in the friendly way as it does now.

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