While we were standing in line to get into this hackathon, Andy kept dropping his phone accidentally... We thought, why not make dropping not that horrible; how about we send a message or doing something more meaningful?

What it does

It will keep tracking the motion of phone. When you drop your phone, the app will trigger HTTP request to do the following things:

  1. use the Square API to charge the user a small amount of money and donate it to a random non-profit organization.
  2. use the RapidAPI and twilio API to send out SMS message to congratulate the user's donation.
  3. use AWS SES API to send out Email to congrats user's donation.
  4. records user's total amount of drops, donations, location of drop.
  5. plays sound clips of a distressed Arnold Schwarzenegger or Pee-wee Herman when you drop your phone

How we built it

ReactNative for front end, NodeJS/ExpressJS for backend. Use Square APIm Rapid API, Twilio API, AWS SES API.

Challenges we ran into

  1. Square's e-commerce API sandbox can only let us try submit money to three fake coffee shops
  2. we cannot reset transaction records in any way (includes trying to change access_token).
  3. We cannot easily authorize user in the app to post/update feed by FB graph API.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. The design of the app is extraordinary
  2. We made square work.
  3. The idea is extremely useful and fun.

What's next for Phone Drop

Refactor the code to make the app even more robust and deploy it to the app store to let more people feel good when they drop their phone.

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