Scout de l'ouest lausannois are currently helping people in their daily life. They gave a phone number to people in need and one of them is answering calls and organizing the volunteer. However, it ran into scalability problem with one people not able to answer every call.

What it does

We provide a phone bot where people in need say what they need, then, the recording are dispatched to volunteer via a webapp. They listen, do things for the people in need (maybe calling them back for precision) and mark task as done. An side aspect is a interface for the cash transfer (the commune are emitting bills to the people and the volunteer get reimbursed by the commune.)

How I built it

Asterisk serve a phone bot, with a python ari daemon recording and managing the calls. Then a flask web app display the tasks to the users and is used a management dashboard for responsible.

What I learned

asterisk config, ari

What is done

basic voice bot basic flask application data models (except task classification)

What's is still to do / challengeing with Phone Daily Life Help Gateway

We need to have the speech of the bot, either by recording someone or using a good tts

We would love to get the people addresses from their phone number and we are looking for a dataset/api

We should provide a docker image fully configurable so that this is clonable everywhere.

A speech recognition + machine learning algorithms may provide an automatic classification of the tasks so that volunteer can match their skills with the available tasks

As an alternative, we may have people using the phone keyboard to tell us what kind of stuff they need.

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