People who are hard of hearing would use this. These people probably still have hearing ability. This app could help them be sure of what they here.

The user just needs to start a phone call via speakerphone or earbuds, then as the other party speaks, you'll see their text on their screen.

There's already use for this. TTY is used for the older population but it involves a real person to transcribe the text. Phone Captions will just do the transcriptions with IBM Watson.

There's already a need for this: Telephone caption devices exist but they cost $100+ and may involve a monthly cost. Some services are funded by a federal grant.

By using this app, we can do TTY cheaper and enable it for a larger population.

The future of this app involves:

  • An iOS app
  • Translating the speech into another language.
  • Making both sides of the call see the text
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