Phone Camera Remote for Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo.

Allows to control phone camera from Gear 2 smart watch.

Do you ever wanted to appear on group photos instead of staying behind camera or look into dark places, where only camera could be placed or spy what your friends are doing, while you are away?

Now you have these possibilities. With Phone Camera Remote you can do this. And even more cool feature will be added with updates.

Phone Camera Remote features: -live preview from phone camera, -take photos remotely, -switch between available flash modes, -switch between available focus modes, -switch between rear and front camera, -turn on/off phone camera, -last taken photo thumbnail, -last recent photos gallery, -shutter sound control, -camera preview runs even when phone is locked (spy mode)

How to use:

  1. start app on your Gear 2 SmartWatch,
  2. wait till phone side app loads and starts preview,
  3. use buttons in Gear 2 side app to control parameters of phone camera and take photos,
  4. after taking photo thumbnail will appear,
  5. tap it to open gallery,
  6. swipe right/left to scroll images,
  7. tap anywhere in gallery to return to camera preview

Available flash modes depends on your phone flash modes possible:

  • auto
  • on
  • red eye
  • torch (turns on if flash is on in video taking mode)
  • off

Available focus modes depends on your phone focus modes possible:

  • auto
  • infinity
  • macro
  • continuous for picture
  • fixed
  • edof

Please note that front camera may have only one flash or focus mode available. In this case flash or focus buttons wont be shown.

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