The days of manually tagging and organizing photos are over! Pholio your way through disorder!

Many people use their smart phones as their primary camera for taking photos. Because this process is digital, we also tend to take more photos than we did with analog cameras. Thus, as the years go by, we will all build up thousands of photos that we have to organize if we ever want a chance to locate that one picture from the trip to Grand Canyon in 2004, or was it 2005? Services such as DropBox, Google Drive, Picasa, etc. solve the problem of effectively backing up our photos so we don't lose them. But what are they really worth, if they’re simply piled together in what is essentially one big directory?

You deserve better.

The idea behind pholio is to let you do what you do best (take awesome photos) and let the computers do what they do best (organize them). pholio organizes photos not in traditional directories or albums, but in a graph, which you can query. Using time stamps, geo location and feature extraction, pholio serves your photos based on time, location and content. Photos are automatically pulled and synced from your DropBox account, so there’s no agony of manually uploading or keeping pholio up to date.

Pholio transforms photo browsing from an organization problem into a search problem.

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