We were inspired by the recent surge in natural disasters in California. Many of us have seen the consequences of the recent fires, mudslides, and other disasters. We have seen thousands of people lose their homes, along with everything within them. In tragic situations like this, the last thing victims want to do is try to spend days and days trying to catalog all their worldly belongings in the hopes of getting a reasonable return from their insurance. We hope to make this task less daunting.

What it does

The app allows easy cataloging and categorization of all items within a home. Items can be added manually, by taking images, through speech-to-text, or by scanning bar codes.

How we built it

Part of the app was built using objective c and x-code, along with Apple Vision. This portion of the app is able to capture an image and identify the objects within this image. Another part of the app was built using react, along with the Walmart open search API and the web audio API in order to allow voice to text lookup of household items.

Challenges we ran into

From the development side of things:

  • We originally had trouble working with the WalMart open search API, which we remedied by getting the CORS Toggle chrome extension.
  • We also had permission issues when trying to use the Web Audio API across different browsers, but we were able to add additional permission settings to our manifest.json

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud to have a fully fleshed out app prototype and to have two fully functioning tech demos that demonstrate two of the most technically difficult parts of our app.

What we learned

We learned how to interact with a variety of different APIs. We learned how to effectively work through different ideas as a team and ultimately come to a unified decision, despite original disagreements.

What's next for Phoenix

Next we would like to fully build out the app, connecting all the individual pieces we currently have. We would also like to devise a marketing campaign to spread awareness about the importance of using an app like Phoenix.

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