Whether there is a fire threatening the Notre Dame, wildfires invading California's forests, or a small city fire, emergency services have difficulty arriving at the location.

What it does

When Phoenix is activated via the web app, the carbon dioxide sensor, or the heat sensor, it flies to the location and tracks the fire. At the same time, the data from the sensors and a live video is displayed on the web app so emergency services can monitor the fire. When Phoenix locates the fire, it sprays an extinguishing agent ('silly string' Pennapps's birthday theme :)) at the fire!

How I built it

We created the web app with Python, JSON, and CSS, Google Cloud Vision and hacked the movement of the drone with the PS drone API. The silly string is fired using a micro servo controlled by an esp32!

Challenges I ran into

-Since a laptop can only be connected to one wifi network at a time, we needed to find a wifi adapter -integrate the parts of the project (ml, web app, drone movement, servo control)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • We integrated all the parts of the project

What I learned

-Python, PS Drone API, Google Cloud Vision detection

What's next for Phoenix

We hope to be able to add more sensors, and use Phoenix for natural disaster relief too.

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