A Google Chrome Extension that helps people who have a bird phobia block images that trigger their phobia


One of our teammate's girlfriend has a fear of birds. We realize that even though Google Vision API can block inappropriate contents, it is not specifically for inappropriate images. Therefore, we built a browser extension to block specific photos.

What it does

Once an user initiates the BirdBlock extension, they can choose what kinds of animals/insects that they are afraid of from a list (so far, only birds). Once the extension operates, it will automatically block that image in any webpage that an user browses.

Getting Started

  1. Set up Google Cloud Platform - Vision API
  2. Development
Set up Google Cloud Platform - Vision API

We basically followed the steps from Google's documentation to get the API keys from the Google Cloud Vision API. The document is here. We used the Interactive label detection tutorial and Google Cloud Shell to enable Vision API and set up credentials.

Once we set up, we were able to get the API keys from Navigate to the APIs & Services→Credentials. Afterward, we created credentials, selected an API key and a dialogue popped up and showed the API keys.

The other API settings can be learned from here.

What's next for Phobia Blocker

We have several sketch goals like:

  1. Support blocking of any object/animal, which will need a proper UI for text input
  2. Blur out scary object (sometimes birds)
  3. Click on the image to actually see it
  4. Don’t run on this domain but makes it as a browser extension
  5. Display amount of birds blocked in web page. Display total birds blocked.
  6. Implement exposure therapy
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