It started with the ideas of blogging and diary-keeping. The idea of blogging requires Internet access, and sometimes users who value privacy may not want to share every detail of their lives on the Internet, so an offline version of blogging would be optimal. On the other hand, writing diaries into a diary book requires users to always carry a physical diary book with them, which can be clunky and inconvenient. We developed this offline diary book as an Android app to solve these problems. Users can store their diary entries into this offline Android database, which allows them to write about their lives without compromising their privacy while not having to carry a diary book with them all the time.

What it does

Users can create diary entries which consist of images (either selected from gallery or from camera), a title, a description, location information of where the image was taken, and date and time of entry's creation. These information are all stored into an offline, on-device database that can be accessed any time.

How I built it

We coded in Java using the Android framework. We used SQLite database to store user entries. We used Android Studio as our development environment.

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