As a team we recognised the susceptibility of the public to phishing scams, particularly prevalent in large businesses where even compromising the lowest level employee could lead to a whole world of pain for the business involved.

What it does

This fully automated platform allows employers to signup, enrol their employees and then deploy a full gamut of phishing campaigns against them (including email and sms phishing). If an employee falls for one of these then, this noted in the database, the employee is provided with helpful anti-scam advice and the employer report is updated to show the "success" of the phishing campaign.

How we built it

We built this on a Google Cloud VM, using all the technologies listed. This was a collaborative effort with different sections being tackled by different team members after the initial decomposition of the overall task.

Challenges we ran into

Getting the Flask application up and running on the Google Cloud VM Connecting the VM to the MongoDB Atlas Cluster Email delivery - using SMTP relay initially, but we had to change to the MailGun API due to speed issues.

Something we're proud of

What's next for Phishing Simulator

Being able to import your own Scam Email Templates Having multiple phone numbers.

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