Inspiration Our group has caused and been subject to phishing attacks and we have decided that is was a major issue that was easily avoidable, yet many still fall subject to these attacks. We wanted to create a user friendly program to help stop these phishing attacks for the less computer literate.

What it Does We created an extension for google that whenever the user decided they weren’t sure about a website asking for their user information, they could click the extension which would then run a check against their browser history seeing if they had ever been on this website before. Our idea being that someone claiming to be Facebook could not use the actual Facebook URL, and therefore the user would never have been on the site asking for their information, and the user would get a warning saying this site isn’t who they say they are.

How We Built It We used JavaScript to develop the extension. We ran a script that took the current URL the user was on and then would extract the domain the user was on and check that domain against extracted domains from the users browser history returning whether or not the user had ever been on the site asking for their security before. If they hadn’t, the program would alert the user the site was suspicious and then if the user selected, the history entry would then be deleted in case the user found the same phishing link in the future.

Challenges we Ran into The biggest problem we ran into was that chrome extensions were written in JavaScript, a language in which none of us knew. We had to teach ourselves the commands and follow this new programs logic which was rather problematic when we came to actually extracting the URLs from the browser history.

Accomplishments we are Proud of The Proudest accomplishment we have is that we learned JavaScript and wrote an extension in the language that we didn’t know till this event. That was rather challenging to learn everything we needed on a time crunch.

What we Learned JavaScript. We also learned the importance of budgeting our time, we did not think the program was going to be as challenging as it turned out to be and wasted time in the beginning.

Whats next for Phishies We want to make the program more user-friendly and eventually on the chrome store for free so that people can actually use the program.

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