NaijaHacks Hackathon 2018 Team name : Hacktivealpha

Members :

(Hammed Busirah Olaitan, (Adegbiji Abdulquadri, (Samuel Ameh, PROBLEM : Here at phish_checker we are trying to solve the problem of people getting scammed online. We recieve lots of links on social media nowadays which we don't know the source. In the past few years alot of people have lost huge fortune to online scammers not only money but valuable data like phone number, email, id, creditcard details, etc.

Proposed solution : We have come together as a team to put an end to online scamming and unauthorized use of data through phishing. We plan on building a system where individual can paste url to any website to check whether it's is a phishing website or not. This system can be interaged in e-commmerce system, blogs and any other service rendering website so to protect their customers from any form of cyber attack.

Proposed Stack:

Machine Learning/data science Backend development(django)

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