Honest answer: we got the idea from an older solution we worked on that involved building corporate teams based on personality types + the interest in participating in the TomTom challenge.

Practical answer: there's an obvious need for human interaction and a general lack of meeting diverse and compatible types of people in a safe context. We were motivated to try and bring a solution for this problem and combine love with psychology and tech.

Cheesy ad

Meeting your soul mate has become a real struggle nowadays. Tinder and other matchmaking apps are too superficial, and they aren't really encouraging long lasting relationships? We've got the right solution for you! (you might as well try it as statistically this might improve your chances).

What it does

We believe in building long-lasting and meaningful relationships. We propose a solution backed by psychological studies, and find your perfect mach with just a press of a button. We do the matches based on location and personality compatibility [1]. You get your match and we show you the path to love (don't panic, we'll just direct you to a coffee place :P), if you don't get one, keep trying, buddy!

How we built it

We started brainstorming the idea, then we divided into:

  • frontend withTomTom map integration
  • Myers-Briggs matching research
  • backend API setup
  • TomTom API familiarity

TomTom usage

  • Maps API
  • Routing API
  • Search API

Challenges we ran into

Bad internet connection, Hunger, Back pain, Lack of ideas, followed by a stream of too many good ones.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Understanding that "divide et impera" is a very good problem solving advice and avoid panicking when our dream features don't get implemented yet.

What we learned

We got familiar again with some general characteristics of hackathons: sleep is optional, dirty code gets acceptable after a few hours, our optimism sticks around and the fun is always on.

What's next for Phineass

We truly believe that matching people based on their personality could increase the chances of building a sustainable relationship. We also think that guiding them to a location on their first date will make the decision process easier, and will increase the likelihood of two matched people to meet.

After the hackathon, we plan on building native Android and iOS apps, with a better user experience, an extended data set of individual traits and also with an improved matching algorithm. The first release is set at the beginning of February, just in time for Valentine's Day.

The idea could also be extended for friend-seeking. Moving in a new community has its own challenges at times and having the mechanisms of meeting people has its obvious benefits.


  1. 16 Personalities test page
  2. How does the test work?

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