In beginning to read philosophy, I and my team mates found ourselves overwhelmed by the different schools of thought and differences within same schools of thought. We have all seen many people be deterred from reading philosophy by this same overwhelming feeling and thought to make it easier for people to ease into the field of philosophy.

What it does

Takes your personality using IBM Watson API, analyzes it, and uses those traits to give you a philosopher and school of thought to look into, as well as recommended books.

How we built it

Used Node.js for the server, Jade for the front end, and IBM Watson API as well as our own algorithm for the logic.

Challenges we ran into

Getting the server up and running with IBM's API

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting it to work

What we learned

Node.js and IBM Watson's API, Jade template engine

What's next for Phinder

More features and bug fixes, as well as more accurate readings

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