This website was built by my partner Alex and I. We initially were going to create a basic game such as battleships or a simple board game to display and create, but when we say the challenge given for the Philly Bail Fund project, we were hooked, but mainly because we were nose diving straight into unknown territory. Alex being a C++ user and me a C++/Java user, we knew this wouldn't be similar to code we usually write, but that was what kept us going.

What it does

This website attempts to give its users easily digestible information about, in this case, Bond cases in Philadelphia County.

How I built it

It was built within PhpStorm, using HTML and JavaScript alongside JS libraries such as BootStrap and jQuery. My partner and I brain stormed for how we'd want to make the main page look, going through several iterations of basically every element that was implemented.

Challenges I ran into

My partner and I barely knew any JavaScript or CSS going into this, but we wanted to make this a great learning experience and see what we could come up with while also being helpful to the community.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Under stress, both my partner and I have overcame the odd hurdles of JavaScript (while we both come from class based OOP languages) and in the end made (as much as possible) clean code for the solutions we've come up with.

What I learned

Plenty of JavaScript and jQuery syntax, proper usage and quirks. jQuery sure has a lot of asynchronous functions!

What's next for Philly Bail Fund Website Helper

When I have time like this again, I'd really like to complete the website by implementing filtering functions as intended, alongside the graphs, visualizations and the information's tab. I was most excited for the information's tab as it would've challenged me to try to search for patterns in large, unknown data and find correlations!


You can find me and this project at along with my partner Alex at

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