Charities often really need a helping hand to be able to do what they do, especially many smaller, local charities that struggle to get support due to marketing constraints and community engagement. I personally know someone who works for a homeless shelter and underlines the fact that there just aren’t enough people to work with them sometimes. We want to connect charities, businesses and volunteers to create a bigger surge of volunteering and community involvement.

What it does

iOS app enables the users to register themselves for events and redeem points for prizes, based on how many events they have volunteered in. Web App allows charities to register and publish their events.

How we built it

iOS and web dev, with python server for pages and API calls.

Challenges we ran into

Issues with integrating server and iOS app
Sending custom emails from the server
CollectionView layout on the iOS app

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Learning a bit of iOS dev, getting the emails to work, and finishing the hackathon with a complete product.

What's next for PhilanthroPoints

We want to extend functionality to publish alerts to users when a charitable opportunity arises, and also use machine learning to compare a user's interests and previous volunteer activities to current opportunities, to build a recommending system. Also would like to get the website hosted.

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