The Philadelphia School District's (PSD) Transportation Department provides bussing to and from school for over 42,000 students every day. The current system results in 300 students getting to school up to 3 hours late every day. We want to get every kid in the city of Philadelphia to school on time so they can get the quality education that they deserve. Thus, we aim to devise a system that will reduce the number of routes that need to be driven, which will reduce the number of drivers needed, in order to ensure that all the routes get covered and all students get to school on time.

We strongly believe this project will be invaluable to the school district through its ability to get students to school faster and more reliably while reducing operation costs. This project addresses the need for a technical solution to the everyday problem of transporting students to school, which impacts parents, students, and educators throughout the city of Philadelphia.

7 Minute Presentation

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