One of the features of this app is for users to view spatial data and view it in a map. More importantly, it allows users to upload data and create a map for creating presentations, articles, research, and more. Currently, I only have one geography: Philadelphia Neighborhoods. The data uploaded has to match it and have neighborhood name and a value for the neighborhood. To expand upon it, I would add more geographies such as zipcodes, census tracts, and census block groups. Eventually, I would make the ability to submit addresses and have them geocoded to be viewed as points on a map. The user could then spatially join them to a geography like neighborhoods and view them aggregated into a choropleth map.

The application takes advantage of the ESRI java script API to make calls to a shape file service hosted in arcgis server. I utilize the ruby on rails platform for user and data management, and it takes that data and uses it to color the polygons returned by the java script apis.

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