Bluemix was a large inspiration for this project. We had not heard of it before MHacks 2014, and we immediately knew we wanted to work with it. We were previously familiar with Twitter API and brainstormed how we could use BlueMix's technology to come up with something great.

We have always had a strong interest in obtaining information to run more optimized procedures with topics such as marketing campaigns. We felt as if it could be very useful to brands to know who their most loyal customers are, and possibly reward them. That is where our idea came into play.

Our project uses Twitter API to record how often customers tweet about and engage with their favorite brands. This information can be used by the brands for many services, such as continuing campaigns that show a high engagement yield to even choosing to reward their top loyal customers and advocates on social media. This information was then moved to MongoDB where it was stored and later uses the SendGrid API to conveniently deliver the newly gained information to the inboxes of those who used our services.

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