We ran into many web developers that would like to taste a mobile development. Later we thought that we can provide them an API for creating a hybrid apps in which the phone serves a remote for the computer.

How it works

Mobile app connect to the Javascript framework, and allow a web developer to use a simple API for WEB-Mobile development.

Challenges I ran into

Make a high speed communication between the mobile and the web client. Also analyzing the accelerometer data well enough was a challenge.

Accomplishments thdat I'm proud of

We are proud to announce that we created an amazing API that will help developers in the future

What I learned

We learned a lot about communication using WebSockets, which allowed us the gain an extremely high speed connection between the clients. We also improved our skills in web and mobile development.

What's next for Phii

This is only the beginning for Phii. The future can be seperated intro two parts: 1) Technology: Phii's performance are gonna get much better. It will also support many new Events and commands. Beside that, Phii is gonna include a touch interface for the developers who will use it 2) Business: Phii is going to spread out, and help many developers to bring the idea into this world.

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