The inspiration for this project comes from a friend of mine named Pheonix (hence the spelling). Pheonix works with homeless and socially distressed people and he often tells me just how alone some of these people are feeling at any given time. He also details that these individuals want nothing more than the opportunity to learn more and get off the streets. This is what inspired me to create this project. I wanted to create a solution for all three major problems facing homeless people.

What it does

Pheonix offers three major services: Chat: Where users are able to speak with different social workers and professionals each specializing in different fields. Learn: Where users are able to learn a multitude of skills from basic life skills all the way up to advanced career courses. Apply: Where users are able to view and apply for jobs at companies that specifically chose to be represented on the Pheonix job market making them accepting of all situations.

How we built it

The presentation was built using Powerpoint while the graphics were build using a combination of Adobe XD and Adobe Photoshop.

Challenges we ran into

A major challenge I ran into was sourcing accurate and reliable material within the time frame. I wanted to ensure all my points have been backed up by facts and academic sources.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I am proud of the amount of content I was able to produce for Pheonix. Usually producing this amount of content would take me a couple days to weeks. This hackathon really helped me refine my skills and efficiency.

What we learned

Something I was harshly reminded of was the fact that some problems do not have a perfect solution. Homelessness is an extremely complex issue and certainly cannot be solved within years let alone the duration of a hackathon.

What's next for Pheonix: Learn. Grow. Connect.

Next is the building of the app since currently the app is a prototype. Once the app is built then there will be a large search for partnerships with governments and businesses to find funding to maintain, source and produce learning material.

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