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Phat&Phresh for iOS and Web

Phat&Phresh is an elegent satisfying cross-platform rapping/rhyming generator

(also avaliable on Amazon Alexa)

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This project was in competition for Kent Hacks Fall 2017 at Kent University, Ohio.

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Table of Contents

Key Features

  • Generated Rap/Rhymes Retrieval
  • Rhyme Highlighting
  • Saving Raps
    • Users can save a verse or a list of verses, which is shown on the bottom of the home screen
    • Users can also delete their saved rap verses

Built With

  • Pulsator - Used for the generate rap button pulsing animation.
  • Spring - Used for the generate rap button scale in-out animation.
  • NVActivityIndicatorView - Used as an activity/loading indicator for the generate rap button.
  • JTMaterialTransition - Used to transition from the home screen to the view-generated-rap screen.
  • Alamofire - Used to make HTTP network requests to hit the rap generating algorithim's endpoint.
  • SwiftyJSON - Used to parse JSON after network requests.


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