Often times families are unable to leave their elderly relatives home alone due to a fear that they will forget to take their necessary medications. Everyone forgets sometimes, but a loved one who often unknowingly misses a dose of medicine can be quite worrisome for those involved. PharmaSuitable is a pharmaceutical and health monitoring application for the elderly which helps to mitigate these concerns by introducing a "smart" pill box, autonomously keeping tabs on the consumption of each medication one needs to take throughout the day. This is linked to a web interface where relatives can remotely observe the condition of their loved ones. Daily medications, average heart rate, temperature, and a health report are all available for family and physicians to look at, ensuring patients are staying on top of their prescriptions.

Our project also integrated Amazon Lex, providing accessibility to elderly patients who otherwise might not be able to use a computer by themselves. Lex provides them with real-time advice with regards to their medication and can help set reminders to ensure a patient never misses another dose. In the same light, a chatbot is also available for caretakers to receive live feedback on the status of their loved ones.

The smart pill box was constructed using an arduino microcontroller which relayed photoresistor sensor data to our AWS server whenever a pill was taken out of a pocket. Our MongoDB database kept track of this information and notified users when a prescription is running low by displaying relevant statistics on a dynamic, React.js front-end interface. We also open-sourced a prescription management API, with more information available on our Github page.

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