After speaking with a number of the nurses and professionals from the area, we wanted to build an application that simplified interactions between pharmacies, patients, and providers. One of our teammates has experienced the deaths of three friends due to opioid overdose, so when we saw a way to help healthcare providers close the loop between a prescription and what a patient is taking, across all prescriptions, we jumped at it.

Enter Pharmasee, an Angular/Rails application built to further improve on the connection between providers and pharmacies by connecting e-script api's to an intuitive dashboard that automatically notifies customers, via call or text based on their preference, when a prescription is being filled and is ready for pickup. Not only does this improve patient interaction, it allows providers to see whether a prescription was actually picked up by the patient.

To finish the loop, Pharmasee can remind patients to take their medicine on a regular basis and can collect from the customer if they consume their meds, feeding that information back to health care providers so they can see not just what a patient was prescribed, but what and how much, they actually took. We have prioritized text and phone call notifications to address accessibility for elderly patients, but plan mobile applications and smart watch apps to extend access to more tech savvy patients.

Finally, to combat opioid abuse, we keep track of classification of different medicine and use that information along with a patient's prescriptions and easy to set patient risk factors, derived from national guidelines, to assess a risk level for prescribing patients controlled substances. We made this glanceable for a provider so that even in an E.R. setting, patient risk assessment doesn't slow care.

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