"Bombings are destroying cities and horrific human rights violations are widespread. Basic necessities like medical care are sparse.*"

What was the inspiration?

As two students from Turkey, we've witnessed the Syrian Refugee crisis more up close than most in the world. We've seen so many people who all had careers and futures ahead of them, suffer on the streets of our home. We were heartbroken as we realized that they had to leave it all behind because of circumstances they could not control and there wasn't a solution we could find at the time that would be a permanent one to any of their problems. To this day, those problems remain, and healthcare is the most alarming.

At MedHacks, we realized that NOW was our chance to help.

This is for all the souls who were lost in this ongoing battle of mankind versus evil. May they rest in peace, and may others be spared in the crossfire.

How does it work?

This program creates an interface in which Doctors/Camp Leaders of Syrian refugee camps can list orders (when supplied with the Amazon.com URL, tracks the product down on the Amazon search results, and returns its name and price to be added to the list). It then builds a catalog of vital medication for the refugees, and encourages contributers to donate, raising the funds to cover the costs. The program itself has an algorithm which prioritizes drugs according to demand and creates a list that is sorted according to demand.

How was it built?

After hours of hard work, it was built in a joint effort mostly on Restful, Java and Javascript. While one of us coded, the other did the web development part, and we switched roles several times.

A path full of obstacles...

As neither one of us had much experience in web development, we struggled with it the most, but also treated this situation as an opportunity to learn. We also did not know how we could incorporate the Amazon.com search funtion into our program and we learned how to do it from scratch during the hackathon.

What have we accomplished?

Now, our program is able to create the list of medications that the doctors build By the use of our algorithms, it also prioritizes between the drug orders and distributes the funds collected from the contributors to cover the costs.

What have we learned?

We have learned a lot about web developing/design and APIs in this project.

What's next for PharmaFund?

Hopefully, as the refugee crisis is a very serious and critical subject matter, we would like to make this website a reality, in the hopes that it will at least change something for all the people that were not only forced to flee their own homes, but now are left in poverty.

*(Source: https://www.mercycorps.org/articles/iraq-jordan-lebanon-syria-turkey/quick-facts-what-you-need-know-about-syria-crisis)

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