PharmaFly is a service that manages your prescription medication and delivers them to your door via drone.

We track your medications, send notification reminders for when to take your prescriptions, notify you when your prescription should be refilled, and even deliver it to your door!

Take off

and landing!


What it does

  1. After registering, we automatically connect you to our service using NCRs payment API. When you get a prescription medication from your doctor we will automatically add it to our list!
  2. Our application color codes your prescription items so its easy to find information when you need it.
  3. When you need to pick up a new prescription, or are running low on your current order, we deliver! Using our app you can have a drone from your local pharmacy drop your medication securely to your location.

How we built it

PharmaFly is a platform composed of three distinct applications: A mobile app for consumers, a web-based integration platform, and a flying Linux box :)

Our mobile application aims to be a centralized portal which allows consumers to manage all of their medication-related needs, including but not limited to: prescription drop-off, delivery and refills.

Our web platform not only enables us to relay catalog and transaction information between our database and our mobile app, it also facilitates drone communications over HTTP for on demand deliveries!

Both of these applications rely heavily on different web technologies such as: HTML 5, CSS, Javascript ES6, Python Flask, Gunicorn, and a multitude of NCR's REST API's.

Finally, our drone is the centerpiece for our platform. Utilizing a Navio2 Raspberry Pi shield, our drone is a fully functional Linux box (WITH WINGS!!!). Our current software stack of: Raspbian, Mavproxy, INAV, Ardupilot, and ROS offers the freedom to connect with virtually any API or cloud service. Our current automation process allows a consumer to order their prescription medicine, have their information looked up and parsed from NCR's databases, and then uses Google Maps Geocoding API to automatically generate precise mission plans that allow any Ardupilot-based drone to fly waypoint to waypoint without a human pilot!

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenge we faced during this hackathon was due to our flight controller short circuiting on Saturday night. A large amount of time went into attempting to repair the drone, but when it seemed our hardware may have been damaged beyond a Saturday night's repair, we had to push back the development of our automated delivery system.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We believe that one of our biggest accomplishments is that we recognized how much it costs for a person to get out of their house and get their groceries, medicine supplements. etc. And from that view, we see the importance that a drone would save a lot of commuting time for a person in a day. We overcame our comfort-zone in many aspects. The group has a diverse skill from web development to data science, etc. We had a chance to share the skills and learned from each other what we were uncomfortable with before. We had several challenges during the process in the last 2 days. However, we were flexible and in-cooperated well enough to overcome those obstacles. And finally, we have the demo reflects well with our ideas.

What we learned

Not only did we learn new technical skills, we also were forced to improvise when our drone delivery platform no longer was able to utilize drones for delivery... We were able to establish a large portion of our back end services so that most other Ardupilot drones can quickly utilize our platform and deliver a plethora of goods. This process taught us how to debug hardware, and how to overcome the challenges associated with failed hardware, which wouldn't have been possible with a purely software stack.

What's next for PharmaFly

We've only scratched the surface of our platforms capabilities... Not only can we eventually automate pharmaceutical deliveries, we also strive to create a peer-to-peer drone delivery market where individuals can "rent" their drones by downloading our software, picking up, and delivering virtually any good that NCR can provide information on! Machine vision is also another possible application in the consumer world. An idea we initially had was to use machine vision to automate food delivery and drink refills inside of large restaurants, resulting in savings for businesses and customers alike!

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