What it does

The Pharma-Bot is a cutting-edge technology that autonomously delivers medications to patients in hospitals, greatly alleviating the workload of nurses. Not only can it deliver medicines or tools to doctors, but it can also be summoned on-demand through the website or scheduled to perform frequently required tasks. Equipped with advanced path-finding and dynamic planning algorithms, the Pharma-bot effortlessly navigates its way through dynamic environments.

How I built it

The innovative Pharma-Bot was expertly crafted on AWS RoboMaker, utilizing ROS (Robot Operating System) to achieve exceptional performance. The Pharma-Bot's navigating algorithm was designed using a combination of A* and Dijkstra, ensuring it always takes the most efficient route. To adapt to the ever-changing environment, a dynamic planner was incorporated, along with several other components of ROS, such as rospy and Gazebo. To enhance functionality, the Pharma-Bot was integrated with various AWS facilities, including Lightsail and IoT, allowing for seamless communication between the robot and the website's backend. Data was effortlessly stored in S3 buckets due to their wide accessibility, ensuring quick and easy access to all relevant information.

Challenges I ran into

Although I was unfamiliar with ROS prior to this project, I quickly discovered that it is a vast and intricate collection of software libraries, lacking a clear and concise guide for novices to follow. Despite numerous attempts to follow online tutorials and YouTube videos, I realized that the best way to learn was to dive in headfirst and tackle the challenges as they arose. However, building the robot proved to be more challenging than anticipated, as I lacked insight into the inner workings of ROS and was unaware of potential shortcuts and tools available to me.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Despite being a complete newcomer to the world of ROS and knowing that mastering it could take years, I am immensely proud of the functional robot I was able to create. This accomplishment is a testament to my determination and willingness to learn, even in the face of overwhelming complexity. Moreover, during the course of this project, I was able to gain valuable insight into when C++ is preferable to Python and vice versa, deepening my knowledge of programming languages.

What I learned

Through this project, I gained a profound understanding of the inner workings of software development on a low-level, allowing me to bring my ideas to life and make a tangible impact. Additionally, I developed my skills in integrating C++ packages, honing my ability to create complex programs that run seamlessly. Furthermore, I discovered the extensive uses of Python, a highly versatile language that proved invaluable throughout this project. By expanding my knowledge in these areas, I have become a more versatile and effective programmer, capable of taking on a wide range of projects with confidence.

What's next for Pharma-Bot

Ideally, I'd want Pharma-Bot to be a real-life robot that helps patients and doctors in the real-world.

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