The population demographic is shifting to contain a larger portion of elder individuals. With aging, there is an increase in potential health problems and/or complications. But with this does not necessarily come with proper care due to a lack in health literacy. To combat this lack of medication adherence, we wanted to create a product that made it easier for elders (and those that take care of them) to gain a better understanding of what their medications actually do.

What it does

Our product is a website that acts as a medication search engine with features that cater to the needs and preferences of the elder population. The idea is, with the name of a drug's generic or brand name, you would be able to find out what it does and the ailments it remedies.

How we built it

It was built in stages, starting with the translation of the large dataset into a form that could be coded with in a code editor. After this, React was used to create a test with the dataset and a sample phrase (Abilify, which corresponds to a medication). After this, expansion of the site occurred from a UI/UX and feature perspective, until the final state was reached.

Challenges we ran into

Accessing the data we wanted (Medicare Claims, prices/patient, etc) was really difficult, and limited what our product is actually able to offer in terms of valuable information.

What's next for Pharma Veritas

To take this product further, we would first need access to more information, such as Medicare Claims or a database that associates a drug to their ailment more directly. With more information available to our database, our website can be more informative. Next, we would propose our idea to Medicare itself to potentially form a partnership. And finally, we would market and/or feature our product in areas that are associated with elderly people, such as community centers, libraries, or a local pharmacy.

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