What it does

Pharma makes home medicine much more accessible to the elderly, those with disabilities, and the illiterate. Pharma brings pharmaceutical information over voice control to the user's Amazon Echo device. Users can ask Alexa how many pills are left in their prescription and learn about the specifics of and side effects of medications they are taking, along with many other functions. Pharma is a mobile app that tracks prescription usage and reminds users to reorder. In the user's home, Pharma is a pill manager that can dispense daily medication on a timer or on command from either the mobile app or an Amazon Echo.

How we built it

Pharma is based on a Restful API using node.js. We programmed an Arduino Uno with a Wifi shield to communicate with the Restful API. Pharma is a custom Amazon skill platform. Using an AWS Lambda script, we are able to parse user input from the Echo device and use a Python script to fetch question data from our Restful API to provide accurate responses to over 80 possible health commands involving pharmacological origin, drug warnings, information about user prescriptions, and day-to-day health tracking. A companion mobile application is built using C# to track user prescriptions and dispense pills from a companion pill holder and dispenser.

Challenges we ran into

We were interested in pursuing a health track going into this hackathon, though we were unsure of an exact path. From brainstorming Alexa apps to virtual reality to iOS, we developed Pharma as a multifaceted solution to domestic health management that incorporated several ideas and technologies.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to bring together the talents of all four team members to form a complex Alexa-based system to manage user health using a fully equipped Alexa skill and mobile application pulling data from a node.js API and an in-home pill manager.

What we learned

We learned that node.js makes servers much easier, and Anish went ice skating for the first time!

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