Many people rely on prescription medication to live their daily lives. Due to coronavirus, many (especially the elderly) are unable to physically go to a pharmacy and fill their prescriptions. We created this to help solve that problem.

What it does

Pharma la Carte is a prescription delivery service that helps people in quarantine receive medicine that they depend on to live from nearby pharmacies.

How we built it

We used React for the frontend, Node.js (Express) for the backend, and MongoDB Atlas for the database. We uploaded prescription images to an AWS S3 bucket. We also used Material UI's responsive components to make the app mobile-friendly (which will be important for drivers).

Challenges we ran into

Managing to get AWS S3 file uploading to work.

What we learned

We learned new languages and frameworks that we've never worked with before.

What's next for Pharma la Carte

Finishing the MVP and launching to local pharmacies around us.

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