We're a group of students at DevMountain, building just about the neatest instructor tool you've ever seen. Imagine a lecture with no JSBin or JSFiddle, with no opening the Developer Tools in your browser just to show something in the console, with no rushed projects thrown together and then sent out on Slack. Imagine a read-only app that would allow students to see your code in realtime, as you make changes, and see everything you import or require, and check out the files you're pulling from.

Well, that's what we imagined, because right now there's a ton of tooling around Javascript development, but not nearly enough tools for teaching it. We're starting with a React-based student app and a package for one of the most popular editors on the market. We hope to build this into something pretty awesome, because no one should have to use JSBin, Github, and Slack, just to get through one lecture.

This is the front end for our tool, built in React, using Firepad. To get started, git clone, cd pharaoh, npm i, and npm start. If you have problems with webpack-dev-server's process not dying on ctrl+c, use npm run go instead.

All PRs welcome!

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