Kevin Yang gave HackCU a dream of one password to rule them all

What it does

You have to input the correct button on the switch membrane. If you are correct the BIG Green light will appear, if youre wrong you receive the red light.

How I built it

From the Arduino Gods Kevin Yang and Jc Owens. Had a LED circuit, and then kept adding awesome sensors with fun applications

Challenges I ran into

Mapping the correct pins for the switch membrane and using the keypad as input

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

So proud of our final outcome. If you insert "#A55" you win

What I learned

How to love Gerard the entire duration of the project. We learnt how to be soft in software and silly with our hard hardware.

What's next for Phaded

A whole new world! Full of adventure and Fun Thank you HackCU team. Awesome friends and parnters to be with. You made the possible!

  • JC

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